Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
name string No default The name of the counter
start number No 1 The initial number to start counting from
skip number No 1 The interval to count by
direction string No up the direction to count (up/down)
print boolean No true Whether or not to print the value
assign string No n/a the template variable the output will be assigned to

属性 类型 是否必须 缺省值 描述
name string No default 计数器的名称
start number No 1 记数器初始值
skip number No 1 记数器间隔、步长
direction string No up 记数器方向,(增/减)
print boolean No true 是否输出值
assign string No n/a 输出值将被赋给模板变量的名称

counter is used to print out a count. counter will remember the count on each iteration. You can adjust the number, the interval and the direction of the count, as well as determine whether or not to print the value. You can run multiple counters concurrently by supplying a unique name for each one. If you do not supply a name, the name 'default' will be used.

counter 用于输出一个记数过程. counter 保存了每次记数时的当前记数值. 用户可以通过调节 interval 和 direction 调节该值. 也可以决定是否输出该值. 如果需要同时运行多个计数器,必须为它们指定不同的名称. 如果没有指定名称,模板引擎使用 "default" 作为缺省值.

If you supply the special "assign" attribute, the output of the counter function will be assigned to this template variable instead of being output to the template.

如果指定了 "assign" 这个特殊属性,该计数器的输出值将被赋给由 assign 指定的模板变量,而不是直接输出.

Example 8-2. counter
Smarty手册范例 8-2. counter 函数演示

{* initialize the count *}
{counter start=0 skip=2 print=false}