Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
output string No html output type, html or javascript

属性 类型 是否必须 缺省值 描述
output string No html 输出类型,html或javascript

{debug} dumps the debug console to the page. This works regardless of the debug settings in Smarty. Since this gets executed at runtime, this is only able to show the assigned variables, not the templates that are in use. But, you see all the currently available variables within the scope of this template.

{debug} 将调式信息输出到页面上. 该函数是否可用取决于 Smarty 的 debug 设置. 该函数在运行时取得数据,因此不能显示使用中的模板,只能显示运行时被赋值的变量. 不过还是可以看到所有模板内当前可用的变量.