Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
file string Yes n/a name/path to image
border string No 0 size of border around image
height string No actual image height height to display image
width string No actual image width width to display image
basedir string no web server doc root directory to base relative paths from
alt string no "" alternative description of the image
href string no n/a href value to link the image to

属性 类型 是否必须 缺省值 描述
file string Yes n/a 图象文件的名称或路径
border string No 0 图象边框大小
height string No actual image height 显示图象高度
width string No actual image width 显示图象宽度
basedir string no web server doc root 图象文件位置的相对路径
alt string no "" 可选图象描述(鼠标指向图象或图象文件不存在时显示的字符串信息)
href string no n/a 图象链接到的地址

html_image is a custom function that generates an HTML tag for an image. The height and width are automatically calculated from the image file if none are supplied.

自定义函数 html_image 产生一个图象的 HTML 标签. 如果没有提供高度和宽度值,将根据图象的实际大小自动取得.

basedir is the base directory that relative image paths are based from. If not given, the web server document root (env variable DOCUMENT_ROOT) is used as the base. If security is enabled, the path to the image must be within a secure directory.

basedir 是相对图象路径的基路径. 如果没有给出该属性,将依据WEB服务器的根路径(环境变量 DOCUMENT_ROOT)为准. 如果模板的安全设置打开了,图象的位置必须位于为安全文件夹下.

href is the href value to link the image to. If link is supplied, an <a href="LINKVALUE"><a> tag is put around the image tag.

href 是图象链接指向的位置. 如果设置了该属性,图象两侧将被加上超级链接标签,形成一个图象链接.

Technical Note: html_image requires a hit to the disk to read the image and calculate the height and width. If you don't use template caching, it is generally better to avoid html_image and leave image tags static for optimal performance.

技术要点: html_image 需要访问磁盘以获取图象的尺寸. 如果不使用缓冲,为了优化性能,一般情况下建议使用静态图象标签而避免使用 html_iamge.

Example 8-7. html_image
Smarty手册范例 8-7. html_image 函数演示


$smarty = new Smarty;


{html_image file="pumpkin.jpg"}
{html_image file="/path/from/docroot/pumpkin.jpg"}
{html_image file="../path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg"}

输出结果: (possible)

<img src="pumpkin.jpg" alt="" border="0" width="44" height="68" />
<img src="/path/from/docroot/pumpkin.jpg" alt="" border="0" width="44" height="68" />
<img src="../path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg" alt="" border="0" width="44" height="68" />