Many times web designers run into the issue where white space and carriage returns affect the output of the rendered HTML (browser "features"), so you must run all your tags together in the template to get the desired results. This usually ends up in unreadable or unmanageable templates.

Web 开发者多次遇到空格和回车影响HTML输出的情形(浏览器的"特性"),为了得到特定的结果,因此你不得不在模板里运行所有的标签. 通常在难以理解或难以处理的模板中遇到此问题.

Anything within {strip}{/strip} tags in Smarty are stripped of the extra spaces or carriage returns at the beginnings and ends of the lines before they are displayed. This way you can keep your templates readable, and not worry about extra white space causing problems.

Smarty 在显示前将除区任何位于 {strip}{/strip} 标记中数据的首尾空格和回车. 这样可以保证模板容易理解且不用担心多余的空格导致问题.

Technical Note: {strip}{/strip} does not affect the contents of template variables. See the strip modifier function.


Example 7-31. strip tags
Smarty手册范例 7-31. strip 标签演示

{* the following will be all run into one line upon output *}
<table border=0>
			<A HREF="{$url}">
			<font color="red">This is a test</font>


<table border=0><tr><td><A HREF="http://my.domain.com"><font color="red">This is a test</font></A></td></tr></table>

Notice that in the above example, all the lines begin and end with HTML tags. Be aware that all the lines are run together. If you have plain text at the beginning or end of any line, they will be run together, and may not be desired results.

请注意上例,所有行都以HTML标签开头结尾. 所有行被组织到一起运行. 如果在行首和行尾有文本的话,它们也会被组织到一起,就有可能得到你不想得到的结果.