Compiler Functions编译函数

Compiler functions are called only during compilation of the template. They are useful for injecting PHP code or time-sensitive static content into the template. If there is both a compiler function and a custom function registered under the same name, the compiler function has precedence.

mixed smarty_compiler_ name (string $tag_arg, object &$smarty)

The compiler function is passed two parameters: the tag argument string - basically, everything from the function name until the ending delimiter, and the Smarty object. It's supposed to return the PHP code to be injected into the compiled template.

See also register_compiler_function(), unregister_compiler_function().

Example 16-6. simple compiler function简单编译函数

 * Smarty plugin
 * -------------------------------------------------------------
 * File: compiler.tplheader.php
 * Type: compiler
 * Name: tplheader
 * Purpose: Output header containing the source file name and
 * the time it was compiled.
 * -------------------------------------------------------------
function smarty_compiler_tplheader($tag_arg, &$smarty)
 return "\necho '" . $smarty->_current_file . " compiled at " . date('Y-m-d H:M'). "';";

This function can be called from the template as:

{* this function gets executed at compile time only *}

The resulting PHP code in the compiled template would be something like this:

echo 'index.tpl compiled at 2002-02-20 20:02';