Passing variable title to header template


When the majority of your templates use the same headers and footers, it is common to split those out into their own templates and include them. But what if the header needs to have a different title, depending on what page you are coming from? You can pass the title to the header when it is included.


Example 18-3. Passing the title variable to the header template

例 18-3.传递变量标题给头模板


{include file="header.tpl" title="Main Page"}
{* template body goes here *}
{include file="footer.tpl"}


{config_load file="archive_page.conf"}
{include file="header.tpl" title=#archivePageTitle#}
{* template body goes here *}
{include file="footer.tpl"}

<TITLE>{$title|default:"BC News"}</TITLE>


When the main page is drawn, the title of "Main Page" is passed to the header.tpl, and will subsequently be used as the title. When the archives page is drawn, the title will be "Archives". Notice in the archive example, we are using a variable from the archives_page.conf file instead of a hard coded variable. Also notice that "BC News" is printed if the $title variable is not set, using the default variable modifier.

当这个主页[main page]被浏览的时候,‘Main Page'这个标题就会传递给头模板文件[header.tpl],并且结果会被用成为标题。当这个档案页[archives page]被浏览的时候,文件标题将会是‘Archives'。注意在这个档案页例子中,我们用了一个来自这个文件[archives_page.conf]的变量来代替一个硬性的代码变量。当然,要是变量[$title]没有初始化,我们会发现‘BC News'被输出----用那种使用默认值的变量的方法。