Chapter 17. Troubleshooting疑难解答

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Smarty/PHP errors错误

Smarty/PHP errors错误

Smarty can catch many errors such as missing tag attributes or malformed variable names. If this happens, you will see an error similar to the following:


Example 17-1. Smarty errors错误

Warning: Smarty: [in index.tpl line 4]: syntax error: unknown tag - '%blah'
 in /path/to/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1041
警告:Smarty: 在index.tpl文件第4行,语法错误:'%blah'标签未知

Fatal error: Smarty: [in index.tpl line 28]: syntax error: missing section name
 in /path/to/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1041
严重错误:Smarty: 在index.tpl文件第28行,语法错误:缺少节段名字在 /path/to/smarty/路径中的Smarty.class.php文件1041行

Smarty shows you the template name, the line number and the error. After that, the error consists of the actual line number in the Smarty class that the error occured.



There are certain errors that Smarty cannot catch, such as missing close tags. These types of errors usually end up in PHP compile-time parsing errors.


Example 17-2. PHP parsing errors

Parse error: parse error in /path/to/smarty/templates_c/index.tpl.php on line 75

When you encounter a PHP parsing error, the error line number will correspond to the compiled PHP script, not the template itself. Usually you can look at the template and spot the syntax error. Here are some common things to look for: missing close tags for {if}{/if} or {section}{/section}, or syntax of logic within an {if} tag. If you can't find the error, you might have to open the compiled PHP file and go to the line number to figure out where the corresponding error is in the template.

当你遇到一个php解析错误时,错误行号将反应到php编译脚本,而不是模板本身。通常,你会看到模板并发现语法错误。通常会发现:缺少if}{/if} 或者