Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
address string Yes n/a the e-mail address
text string No n/a the text to display, default is the e-mail address
encode string No none How to encode the e-mail. Can be one of none, hex or javascript.
cc string No n/a e-mail addresses to carbon copy. Separate entries by a comma.
bcc string No n/a e-mail addresses to blind carbon copy. Separate entries by a comma.
subject string No n/a e-mail subject.
newsgroups string No n/a newsgroups to post to. Separate entries by a comma.
followupto string No n/a addresses to follow up to. Separate entries by a comma.
extra string No n/a any extra information you want passed to the link, such as style sheet classes

属性 类型 是否必须 缺省值 描述
address string Yes n/a 电子邮件地址
text string No n/a 邮件链接上显示的文本,默认为电子邮件地址
encode string No none 编码方式,可选值为 none,hex或javascript
cc string No n/a 邮件抄送地址,多条地址信息以逗号分隔
bcc string No n/a 邮件暗送地址,多条地址信息以逗号分隔
subject string No n/a 邮件主题
newsgroups string No n/a 发送到新闻组的地址,多条地址信息以逗号分隔
followupto string No n/a 追踪地址信息,多条信息以逗号分隔
extra string No n/a 其它需要传递给链接的信息,如css样式

mailto automates the creation of mailto links and optionally encodes them. Encoding e-mails makes it more difficult for web spiders to pick up e-mail addresses off of your site.

mailto 自动生成电子邮件链接,并根据选项决定是否对地址信息编码. 电子邮件地址编码使得网络嗅探程序难以收集到电子邮件地址信息.

Technical Note: javascript is probably the most thorough form of encoding, although you can use hex encoding too.

技术要点: 尽管可以使用 hex 进制编码,但 javascript 已经算得上是很彻底的编码形式了.

Example 8-15. mailto
Smarty手册范例 8-15. mailto 函数演示

{mailto address="me@domain.com"}
{mailto address="me@domain.com" text="send me some mail"}
{mailto address="me@domain.com" encode="javascript"}
{mailto address="me@domain.com" encode="hex"}
{mailto address="me@domain.com" subject="Hello to you!"}
{mailto address="me@domain.com" cc="you@domain.com,they@domain.com"}
{mailto address="me@domain.com" extra='class="email"'}


<a href="mailto:me@domain.com" >me@domain.com</a>
<a href="mailto:me@domain.com" >send me some mail</a>
<SCRIPT language="javascript">eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%6
<a href="mailto:%6d%65@%64%6f%6d%61%69%6e.%63%6f%6d" >&#x6d;&#x65;&#x40;&#x64;&
<a href="mailto:me@domain.com?subject=Hello%20to%20you%21" >me@domain.com</a>
<a href="mailto:me@domain.com?cc=you@domain.com%2Cthey@domain.com" >me@domain.com</a>
<a href="mailto:me@domain.com" class="email">me@domain.com</a>