popup is an integration of overLib, a library used for popup windows. These are used for context sensitive information, such as help windows or tooltips. popup_init must be called once at the top of any page you plan on using the popup function. overLib was written by Erik Bosrup, and the homepage is located at http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/.

popup 函数整合了 overLib(用于弹出窗口的函数库) 库. 这些函数用于上下文敏感信息如帮助窗口或工具提示. 如果准备使用 popup 函数,在页首必须先调用 popup_init 函数. overLib 由 Erik Bosrup 开发,其主页位于http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/.

As of Smarty version 2.1.2, overLib does NOT come with the release. Download overLib, place the overlib.js file under your document root and supply the relative path to this file as the "src" parameter to popup_init.

在 Smarty 2.1.2 版中没有带 overLib 库. 必须下载该库,将 overlib.js 文件置于文档根目录下,调用 popup_init 的时候将该文件的相对路径作为参数"src"传递.

Example 8-16. popup_init
Smarty手册范例 8-16. popup_init 函数演示

{* popup_init must be called once at the top of the page *}
{popup_init src="/javascripts/overlib.js"}